Fun Team Building Activities

Fun Team Building Activities

Team Building activities can be a lot of fun and they can really help to break the ice for your team. Some of the activities that you might want to look into are: Icebreakers, Scavenger hunts, Shipwrecked stories, memory walls, and indoor and outdoor games.

Indoor vs outdoor activities

Indoor and outdoor team building activities are both great ways to bring a team together. They can help employees develop empathy and compassion, improve communication, and increase team collaboration. And, they can be fun as well!

Indoor Team Building exercises can be held anywhere, at any time, and with any number of people. However, some people aren’t comfortable being outdoors. For this reason, some companies may choose to hold an indoor team building activity. This can be beneficial, but it also can result in distractions, which can affect the outcome of the event.

While most indoor activities are limited by the number of participants, an outdoor activity can engage a much larger group. Outdoor spaces can be used to create a more natural environment, and colleagues can express themselves in a more creative way.


Icebreakers are a fun way to engage and reintroduce your team to one another. These games help employees become more bonded while boosting employee engagement and productivity.

The most important thing to remember is that icebreakers are meant to be fun. There is no need to make participation compulsory or uncomfortable. Some of the best icebreakers are the ones that cater to the entire workforce, allowing everyone to participate and enjoy the activity.

For example, the Whodunit is a great game to play if your team is large. You can also try the movie pitch icebreaker. It helps teams get ideas rolling.

Another icebreaker that is sure to get the party started is a scavenger hunt. This type of activity is ideal for getting people oriented to their new work environment.

Scavenger hunts

Team building activities are a great way to engage employees and improve their working experience. They allow employees to get to know their fellow team members better and foster creative thinking. These activities are also great ways to promote a positive image of your company.

Scavenger hunts are fun and a low-risk activity. They are a great way to bring new hires and staff together. Some employees might even choose to remain with your company for the fun they have participating in these activities.

Scavenger hunts are a great way to help teams work together. The goal of the hunt is to collect objects and then answer questions about them. Sometimes, the hunt may include special tasks and checkpoints, too.

Scavenger hunts can be held in a variety of settings. Many tourist destinations have created their own scavenger hunts. In addition, virtual scavenger hunts can be held anywhere, from your home to an office.

Memory wall

The memory wall is a great way to get your team talking about their memories. These can be a lot of different topics such as a person’s first day at work or a new client they’ve recently landed. They also help you build strong connections between your team members and allow them to open up to one another. You can play the memory wall before meetings or during the meeting to really get people talking and feeling more comfortable.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy activity to do with your team, look no further than the memory wall. This can be a great team building exercise for your office, school, or anywhere you want to encourage your team to work together.

Each group of team members is given a sheet of paper and a set of markers. They then have to jot down a series of memories, events, and moments. They can then use this sheet of paper to draw pictures of people they have worked with, or create a story about a certain moment. In addition, they can write about something funny that they’ve seen in the workplace, or share something about the way they implement a new system.

Shipwrecked stories

When you’re looking for a good team building exercise, try to incorporate a Shipwreck into your repertoire. Not only will it promote creativity and collaboration, but it will also give you and your coworkers an opportunity to test your problem solving skills in an interesting and memorable setting. The best part is that this game is not as scary as you might think, unless you’re on a desert island.

While the game itself is not too hard to pull off, a bit of preparation is in order. The rules for this particular exercise are simple: the team will be stranded on a desert island, and they will have to survive by collecting ten items. You might have to do this in groups, and the group might have to agree on the importance of certain items.

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